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on stageThe founding member and the driving force behind Wildsteed ® is Singer/Songwriter Mark Whelan. After forming the band in 1986, he brought in long time friends and musicians from the Los Angeles studio and live performance scene. They brought together their very diverse and different styles of music to create their own distinct sound. Combining classical and jazz training with the lonesome sounds of bluegrass and southern rock they are an act that has no boundaries. Their first album, Shot of The Country is a great example of their varied styles. Now based in the Gold Rush territory of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California, they seem to be influenced by the old Wild West area they call home. Their second album, Unpaved Roads is a testament to their country and bluegrass roots, while adding in their distinct flare of musicianship and crisp harmonies. The 2005 release Nothin' Better to Do, Is the full electric band with violin, mandolin, dobro, and accordion thrown in for some foot stompin, Southern Americana swamp grass.

markstudio Mark at the LA Marathon

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