Shred January 2006



He gave me a long look

As if memorizing my face

I knew deep in my heart

No one would ever take his place

His big blue eyes were staring into mine

I felt something pass between us

A moment frozen in time


I did not yet know

The secret he kept inside

And when I learned the reason

I broke down, I grieved, I cried

For he'd tried so hard to spare us all

His many, many friends

He did not want us to know just yet

That his time on Earth would soon end



He tried to hide his condition

With a cast, crutches and cane

And when we learned the awful truth

We were stunned, we were shattered,

We felt maimed

How could we be so blind?

Not to see he was wasting away

But since he was always smiling

We thought that all was okay


Now I see for he has taught me

It's all a part of some plan

Something will take each one of us

Every child, every woman, every man

You shoulder your burden

You do not waste time

With “why me”, “it's not fair” or complaints

Each day we are given is a precious gift

To be lived, to be cherished, to embrace


My friend has shown me his way to live

With his spirit, his purity and his grace

Bourne by the love of family and friends

He will fight the good fight

Then we will help him to stand

And he will go slowly but softly

Into the Light


~ Danette Moreno, Carson, California

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